Dear ISPN member, as we move into 2016, we are embarking on developing a series of educational programs that we hope will be valuable to you all. Please take a moment to complete this brief survey that will help us better understand your areas of interest, practice setting and teaching responsibilities.

*I am a  _________ (please select highest qualification)
*My primary work setting is _________ (select where you spend most of your time)
*My secondary work setting is _________ (select where you spend most of your time)
*I hold an academic/other teaching position.
*I educate/precept the following (please select all that apply):
*On an annual basis I educate ______ NPs and NP trainees.
*On an annual basis I educate ______ nurses and nurse trainees.
*I would like to have more education in the following areas (please select all that apply):
*Educational resources such as slide decks developed by experts at ISPN would be helpful to me in training my students.
I was attracted to ISPN because:
I continue to remain an ISPN member because:

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